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 RULES OF COS - For Guests

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PostSubject: RULES OF COS - For Guests   Fri Apr 22, 2016 5:06 pm

The Honor Code

➤ If you join this forum, you are expected to respect your peers and make this a welcoming environment for everyone. This includes respecting their ships, their opinions, orientation, anything.

➤ Your username must be the name of one of your OC’s. It does not matter whom you choose to identify as, so long as the OC actually belongs to you.

➤ You cannot join named after one of the cannon characters.

➤ Art theft, plagiarism, stealing, or disrespecting a copyright in any way won’t be tolerated.

➤ baseball concept ; three strikes, you’re out. If you are warned three times, you will be banned from the forums.

➤ You only can have ONE account.

If you have any questions PM one of the Admins or TheWolfsgirl90 on DA

you can find more rules in the single sections.
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RULES OF COS - For Guests
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